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COLOMBIA INVESTMENT SUMMIT 2020- infrastructure and logistics
  • The infrastructure of transport and logistics is one of the main sectors for the attraction of foreign investment in Colombia. In 2019, it represented 8.6% of total FDI, and public investment has shown sustained growth going from 0.6% in 2003 to 3% in 2018 as a percentage of GDP.
  • According to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index 2019, Colombia is ranked fourth in Latin America. The ranking highlights the high potential in infrastructure development, which is evidenced in an investment opportunity by 2035 of around USD 60,000 Million in road infrastructure, as well as USD 5,700 Million in airport expansion projects, USD 3,400 Million in the rehabilitation of rail infrastructure, USD 1,600 Million in river infrastructure and USD 433 Million in port infrastructure.
  • The main mechanism defined for the development of infrastructure in Colombia since 2012 is the Public-Private Partnerships - PPP (Law 1508 of 2012). According to the World Bank's Procuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership 2018, which measures the conditions of 135 countries for the development of projects under the PPP scheme, Colombia ranks third worldwide, after the United Kingdom and Australia. In addition to this index, Infrascopio evaluates the environment for PPPs in Latin America and the Caribbean and ranked Colombia in the second place after Chile in 2019.
  • A large portfolio of projects shows that the development of transport infrastructure will be the main driver of growth in the country, framed in the 4G program, with an estimated investment of USD 60,000 MN in road infrastructure.  Additionally, the development of tertiary roads is valued at USD 1,400 MN.
  • Private investment expected for the airport sector rises to USD$ 5,700 MN by 2035. The main airport projects include the expansion of Bogota's El Dorado Airport, the new Cartagena airport and the modernization of the southwest airports.