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José Manuel Restrepo Abondano

Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

COLOMBIA INVESTMENT SUMMIT 2019 - José Manuel Restrepo Abondano
  • Mr. Restrepo is an economist and Specialist in Finance at the Universidad del Rosario, with a Master's Degree in Economics from the 'London School of Economics', a Specialist in Higher Management from the INALDE and a PhD in Management of Higher Education Institutions at the University of Bath.

  • He was President of the Universidad del Rosario and the College of Advanced Studies in Administration (CESA). Previously, he had held as dean of the Business Foundation of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá.

  • In addition, he was the Financial Planning and Budget Manager of Fonade. He belonged to the Institutional Room of the National Council for the Quality Assurance of Higher Education of the Ministry of National Education. He has also served as a business consultant, as well as an advisor on quality issues and accreditation of higher education institutions.

  • He was professor of macroeconomics, microeconomics, introduction to the economy and planning and management control at Universidad del Rosario. He is the author of an important number of writings among which are books, meritorious dissertations, research drafts and academic articles published in the national and international field.

  • On the other hand, he has been a columnist for the newspapers El Nuevo Siglo and El Espectador.