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Pablo Mejía González

Director of Infrastructure at the Ministry of Transport

COLOMBIA INVESTMENT SUMMIT 2019 - Pablo Mejía González
  • Pablo Mejía González is a lawyer from the University of Caldas, a specialist in Constitutional Law from the University of Rosario and a Master in Political Action, Institutional Strengthening and Citizen Participation from the University Francisco de Vitoria of Madrid in Spain.

  • In his professional career, he has worked as a legal director in different companies in charge of 7 airport infrastructure projects in the Northeast of the country and the city of Barranquilla and he is a co-founder associate of the Colombian Association of Airport Law in Colombia. After his experience as an advisor for the Vice-Ministry of Infrastructure, he is now the Director of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport.

  • From this position, he has led important projects such as the implementation of electronic toll interoperability, the formulation and adoption of model documents for transport infrastructure selection processes, the formulation and implementation of public policies for the different modes, and the adoption of the necessary measures to facilitate the development of wind energy generation projects from the transport sector.