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Rodolfo Navarro Zea

Minister of Agriculture

  • Mr. Zea is an Economist from the Universidad de los Andes. He specialized in international finance and has a Master's degree in Business Administration from the Universidad de la Sabana.

  • He has more than 27 years of experience in the financial and public sector. His resume highlights his experience in obtaining resources in the international market with multilateral banking, private banks at the international level or with bonds issues.

  • Prior to becoming Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Rodolfo presided (2018-2019) the Agricultural Development Trust Company (Fiduagraria), where he collaborated with the structuring of private capital funds for the countryside, financing schemes with land trust rights and guarantee schemes for rural entrepreneurs.

  • He also worked at the Financial Entity for the Territorial Development (Findeter) for 13 years (2005-2018) and held the positions of president, general secretary, vice-president of finance and operations and commercial vice-president.