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Day 1 –October 7 th – virtual - 8am (COT) + 1pm (GMT) + 9pm (HKT)

08:00 to 08:20

Opening remarks and welcome.

Mrs. Flavia Santoro, President ProColombia.

08:20 to 08:45

Keynote speaker:

Bill Clinton, Founder and Board Chair, Clinton Foundation, 42nd President of the United States. 

08:45 to 09:15

Keynote address.

H.E. Mr. Iván Duque Márquez, President of the Republic of Colombia.

09:15 to 09:30


Adam Boehler, Chief Executive Officer. U.S International Development Finance Corporation – DFC.

09:30 to 10:00

Perspectives and investment opportunities in Colombia.

Mr. José Manuel Restrepo, Minister of Commerce Industry and Tourism.

10:00 to 10:05


Mr. Jaime Upegui, President, Scotiabank Colpatria.

10:05 to 11:05

Panel Discussion: Business and Investment opportunities in Colombia´s regions.

- Jaime Alberto Pumarejo Heins, Mayor of Barranquilla.
- Juan Carlos Cárdenas Rey, Mayor of Bucaramanga.
- Jorge Iván Ospina Gómez, Mayor of Cali.
- William Jorge Dau Chamatt, Mayor of Cartagena.
- Daniel Quintero Calle, Mayor of Medellín.

Moderator: Juan Emilio Posada, Presidential Advisor. Counseling of Planning and Compliance.

11:05 to 11:35

Economic Outlook for Colombia in the medium term.

Mr. Alberto Carrasquilla, Minister of Finance.

11:35 to 12:35

Panel Discussion. Colombia a look to the future from the corporate sector by Colombia Inside Out.
- Jorge Mario Velásquez, CEO Grupo Argos.
- Felipe Bayón, CEO Ecopetrol.
- Bernardo Vargas, CEO ISA.

Moderator: Juan Pablo Cordoba, President Colombian Securities Exchange (Bolsa de Valores de Colombia - BVC).


Day 2 – October 8 th – virtual - 8am (COT) + 1pm (GMT) + 9pm (HKT)

08:00 to 09:30

“Sectoral meetings”

Virtual conference room 1 (8:00 - 9:30) Virtual conference room 2 (8:00 - 9:30) Virtual conference room 3 (8:00 - 9:00) Virtual conference room 4 (8:00 - 9:00)

Chemicals and Life science.

Research, development and innovation on the Medical Devices, Clinical Trials, Cosmetics, plastics industries, and Biotechnology.
- Mrs. Mabel Gisela Torres, Minister of Science and Technology.

Panel discussion
- Juan Carlos Castro, Director of Cosmetics Chamber at ANDI.
- Yaneth Giha, Executive Director Afidro.
- Leonardo Arregoces, Director of Medicines and other Health Technologies. Ministry of Health.
- Daniel Mitchell, President Acoplásticos.
- Claudia Marcela Betancur Giraldo, Executive Director Biointropic.

Moderator: Clara Parra, Presidency's High Counsellor for Private Sector Development and Competitiveness.

Tourism and hospitality sector.

Reactivation of the tourism sector, growth law, Large-Scale Special Tourism Projects (PTE) and strategy to attract investment in tourism in each Region in Colombia.
- Mr. Julián Guerrero, Tourism Vice Minister.

Panel discussion Investment opportunities and future trends in the tourism sector.
- Juan Carlos Galindo, CEO OXO Hotel.
- Joanna Ayala, Assets and Development Director America, NH Hotel Group, NH Hotel Group.
- Andrés Alvarado, CEO, Abacus.

Moderator: Patricia Boo, Regional Manager Central and South America - STR.

Infrastructure sector.

The fifth generation of sustainable infrastructure projects in Colombia.
- Mrs. Ángela Maria Orozco, Minister of Transport.

Panel discussion Investment funds and their role financing infrastructure projects.
- Rolando Lopez Briceño, Head Oil & Gas, Mining and Infrastructure, Scotiabank Colombia
- Juan Miguel Custodio, Managing Director and Infrastructure Leader for Latin America, Macquarie Capital.
- Luis Carlos Nuñez, Managing Director BlackRock.
- Diego Simonian, Global Co-Head of Infrastructure Investor Coverage, J.P. Morgan

Moderator: Juan Martin Caicedo Ferrer, Executive President of the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure (CCI).

Construction sector.

Construction sector: strategic axis for the country's economic reactivation.
- Mr. Jonathan Malagón, Minister for Housing, City and Territory.

Government programs for the economic recovery of the construction sector.
- Sandra Forero, CEO at Camacol.

Private sector initiatives and trends as a contribution to Colombia's economic recovery.

09:00 to 10:00

“Sectoral meetings”

Virtual conference room 5

The State of Impact Investment in Colombia: Learn more about the Colombian Impact investment market and its opportunities.

The Trust Fund to promote Finance and support entrepreneurship, business formalization, and business strengthening for women in Colombia. A Presidential initiative with the goal of reducing the gender gap and inequality

- Mrs. Martha Lucia Ramirez, Vice President of the Republic of Colombia. 

The Colombian Impact Investing Market and its opportunities.

- Mauricio Samper, Managing Director SEAF Colombia.
- Paula Delgadillo, Executive Director Colcapital. 
- Ximena Trujillo, Investment Manager, Inversor Private Equity Fund.

Moderator: Andrea Pradilla, Director GRI Hispanic America


Day 3 – October 9 th – virtual - 8am (COT) + 1pm (GMT) + 9pm (HKT)

08:15 to 08:45

“Sectoral meetings”

Virtual conference room 3

4.0 industries.

Colombian Government perspectives on adoption and diffusion of digital technologies in the country.
- Mr. Victor Muñoz, Presidential Counselor for Economic Matters and Digital Transformation.

08:00 to 09:15

“Sectoral meetings”

Virtual conference room 1 (8:00 - 9:15) Virtual conference room 2 (8:00 - 9:00)

Agribusiness sector.

Perspectives and Opportunities for Agribusiness Investment in Colombia.
- Mr. Rodolfo Zea Navarro, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Panel discussion New Decade for Agribusiness Investment in Colombia.
- Mr. Hernan Barron, General Manager Archer Daniels Midland Colombia.
- Mr. Juan Antonio Rivas, President, Olam Agro Colombia.
- Mr. Julián Jaramillo, Managing Director and Head of Colombia and Andean Region, Aqua Capital Found.
- Mr. Fernando Nuñez Miller, CEO Sovena Colombia.

Moderator: Jorge Bedoya, President, SAC.

Energy sector.

Colombia: innovative destiny for energetic transition through new technologies, such as: hydrogen, energy storage, offshore wind power and geothermal energy.
- Mr. Diego Mesa, Minister of Mining and Energy.

Panel discussion Outlook and actions for the implementation of renewable energy projects in Colombia.
- Pablo Mejía González, Infrastructure Director. Ministry of Transport.
- Rodrigo Suárez, General Director, National Authority for Environmental Licensing – (ANLA).
- Christian Jaramillo, General Director, Energy Mining Planning Unit (UPME).

Moderator: Germán Corredor, Executive Director, Ser Colombia.

09:00 to 09:45

“Sectoral meetings”

Virtual conference room 3

Projects and opportunities about the development of the information and communications technologies sector in Colombia.
- Mr. German Rueda, Vice Minister of Digital Economy.

10:00 to 11:00

“Sectoral meetings”

Virtual conference room 3

Panel discussion Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Colombia and access to venture capital.
- Michael Seibel – YCombinator CEO and Partner.
- Mónica Saggioro Leal – Founder Maya Capital.
- Fabián Gómez Gutiérrez – Founder and CEO Frubana.
- Jose V. Gedeon – Founder Cobre.
Daniel Bilbao – Co-Founder & CEO de Truora

Moderator: Ignacio Gaitán, President INNPulsa.