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Claudia Lopez

Mayor of Bogotá

  • Claudia Nayibe López Hernández was born in Bogotá on March 9, 1970 (53 years old). Her university studies began with a degree in Biology at the District University of Bogotá. During that time, Claudia became involved in the student movement through the Seventh Ballot, which propelled the National Constituent Assembly of 1991 and consequently the 1991 Constitution.

  • She studied Finance, Government, and International Relations at the Externado University of Colombia and holds a diploma in Urban Land Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam, a master's degree in Public Administration and Urban Policy from Columbia University in New York, and a doctorate in Political Science from Northwestern University in the United States.

  • The Development Plan for Bogotá proposed by Claudia López is named the New Social and Environmental Contract for 21st Century Bogotá. It is composed of five pillars as follows: Purpose 1: Establish a new social contract with equal opportunities for social, productive, and political inclusion. Purpose 2: Change lifestyle habits to make Bogotá greener and to adapt and mitigate the climate crisis. Purpose 3: Inspire confidence and legitimacy to live without fear and become a center of civic culture, peace, and reconciliation. Purpose 4: Transform Bogotá into a model for multimodal, inclusive, and sustainable mobility within the region. Purpose 5: Build a transparent and open government in the Bogotá Region with an informed citizenry.